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A few words about myself, and why I created this blog

I was born in Maine, but was raised in New York. I was always a bit on the quiet side, and always chose reading over partying.

I was always interested in understanding life at its deepest levels, and toward that end I received a B.A. in World Religions from the University of North Dakota. I went on to earn an M.A. in Psychology and Religion, during which I developed a clinical interest in working with people to develop their highest sense of living.

In my post-graduate work in Psychotherapy at the Institute For Rational Living in New York, I developed a 2-pronged therapeutic approach to helping people overcome blocks to their success with issues in their lives.

I have adapted that therapeutic method to assisting people to achieve the financial success they seek… particularly in online marketing and personal branding.

Your Life – Your Decision

People make their own decisions how to live.

Look at your life today. Your job, your spouse, the house you live in, your circle of friends, the city or town where you reside. These things didn’t just BECOME your life. You made them your life. You created them, first in your mind, and then took the action required to make them a reality. Most likely, what your life has become was not acquired through conscious planning and decision-making. Most of it has resulted from thousand of decisions you’ve made on a totally subconscious level.

For instance, maybe you live in Wichita. You say, I didn’t plan to live there, but “somehow” I just ended up there. Just like magic… or is it. If you grew up in Wichita, you undoubtedly had many attachments to the city… family, places, good memories and so forth. You might consciously think , “I have to get out of this place”. But there may have been enough comfort factors related to Wichita, that you’ve taken actions to support your largely subconscious desire to stay there. So even though you “want to leave”, you find yourself applying for a job with a local company. Since you know a little bit about local real estate, you decided to take advantage of a killer deal to buy the little colonial in a great neighborhood.

I could go on, but the point is clear. You’ve DONE things to create something you SAY you don’t want. This is how people create their entire lives, from the person they marry to the business they start… from the love that they walked away from, to the deal they should have done, but didn’t.

Situational Analysis – What Do You Want To Change?

With this in mind, I undertook helping people understand how situations they currently find themselves in… right now, here, today… didn’t just happen, they were created… by THEMSELVES.

This approach works something like this.

I analyze your situation. Have you created situations you’re happy with. Your job, your neighborhood, your relationships. Or do you want to change them?

I’ve found that people often develop secondary problems related to a primary dissatisfaction with situations in their lives. So if you’re extremely unhappy with your job, you may develop high blood pressure, or depression. You may never exercise, eat poorly and fight with your spouse… mainly because you feel disempowered to change your job.

I would obviously encourage you to change your situation… which can only happen by YOU making different decisions, both conscious and subconscious….

The first goal is for you to be able to escape the job you hate… what we call your “dis-ease”.

The second goal is for you to embark on the road to recovery from your secondary problems… or what we would call, your symptoms.

How My Situations Have Changed

I’ve done so many exciting things that have always kept me in situations I found rewarding and stimulating.

From as far back as I remember, I could never work in a static environment. I’ve had a few “jobs” – most of which were part time or temporary. But my real strength evolved through entrepreneurial enterprises.

I’ve invested extensively in real estate. I’ve renovated and flipped properties, and I’ve “land-lorded” them. I’ve made nice profits from some, less with others.

I’ve been a freelance writer. My specializations were in psychology and history; health and nutrition; and holistic medicine and alternative therapies for degenerative diseases.

I’ve run a business with my wife for many years. She’s a psychic and with my marketing skills and her God-given abilities, we developed a very successful brick and mortar business that is still very alive and very well, only it’s now it’s a home-based business.

Together, we’ve written books, and conducted countless radio and television interviews. We’ve published many print articles and hosted our own radio show primarily about paranormal occurrences and personal transformation.

Many of the skills and talents I’ve developed I have also taught in private consultation and in more formal courses on various college campuses.

Can You Really Change Your Life?

Many people have been in a rut so long, they’ve really “decided” in their own hearts and minds, that they simply can’t change “who they are”. Their feeble attempts to change their situations have met with defeat, sometimes disaster. They recoil from the fray, and take comfort in the ordinary and familiar.

They would love to change, but feel like they just don’t know how and probably never will.

I don’t have to have all the answers for everybody. In fact, I don’t always have all the answers I need for my own life. But I’ve worked hard to get them. Sometimes the answers I’ve found required great effort, time or even investment.

And sometimes, they just fell in my lap.

Several years ago, I was diagnosed with a rather sizable malignant tumor. The best chance I had for survival was to undergo surgery and remove the tumor. But that was only feasible if the cancer was strictly localized.

My doctors believed that because of the size, there was a good change it had metastasized. In that case, surgery would not be a viable option and I would be faced with chemotherapy and radiation. I was given an appointment to see a specialist, but they wanted me to wait a month to see how active the tumor growth was, and whether or not surgery could be done.

As fate would have it, I had begun a spiritual revival in my own personal life, just months earlier. I had rediscovered spiritual roots that I had long neglected. In fact, I had only attended formal religious services… begrudgingly!… a handful of times in my entire life. But prior to keeping my appointment with the medical specialist, I undertook a pilgrimage of sorts to a sacred chapel of prayer in… of all places… the Bronx.

It was at this time that I was visited in spirit by the Holy Virgin, who assured me that my cancer would be removed entirely in surgery and I should prepare to make my new life more meaningful.

A week later, the specialist was amazed to report that he could find only a very slight tumor, nothing anywhere near as large as the prior sonogram had revealed only weeks earlier. He was confident it could be removed surgically. He was one of the finest robotic-method surgeons in the world. I survived the 8-hour surgery, and have had no sign of cancer since then.

With a new life to live, I was bound to live it more meaningfully

I Began With What I Now Knew To Be The True Meaning of Life

It is simply, what Jesus taught his disciples, as the most important creed to live by: “Love each other as I have loved you”.

The words may be cliché, but the concept is as elusive as it is profound to most of us.

How could I actually do that.

The answer I’ve received is simple: to live your passion so as to develop and share your greatest gifts and talents with others, so that their lives may improve because you’ve dared to live your passion… to share you gifts… and not keep them to yourself with excuses like:

  • Nobody Cares
  • I’m nothing special
  • I’m not smart enough to share
  • I don’t have the time
  • I don’t have the money
  • I’ve got too many other responsibilities

If you’re so tied up with your situation that you can’t honor your passion… then you’ve GOT TO change that situation.

How Do You Share Your Passion?

My greatest passion has always been to help people. From teaching to writing, to health, nutrition and business advising. But in my new “post-surgery life”, it has been elevated to a new level.

Everybody has something different to share.

I considered different ways I might share of myself. Meanwhile, the Universe was leading me into a whole new realm of entrepreneurship… internet marketing. Many of the things I had been doing offline really amounted to attraction marketing and personal branding.

But I had no idea of how to employ these methods ONLINE. Yet I knew that the greatest leverage, the fastest way to success and financial independence, was ONLINE.

So I undertook my own search, to learn how to put all this together. I spent many months and thousands of dollars to learn the things that I now teach online and in private mentoring.

Having had considerable experience with marketing and work-from-home enterprises, I immediately recognized that what I was learning would be the greatest thing I could share. It was something I could do to make my life meaningful… to share the methods I knew could help people establish financial freedom in as little time, and with as few resources as possible.

With an M.Ed. In Communications from Columbia University, I already possessed all the tools and methodologies I’d need for sharing these ideas and information. Now it became my personal challenge to put this wealth of knowledge and passion for sharing to work!

How Can You Create A New Situation?

My passion has flowered since I began this journey.

I’ve always wanted to help people to find fulfillment and purpose in life. I came to know that as long as you’re in a bad situation, fulfillment and purpose is simply not happening.

The most powerful and immediate way I’ve found to change your professional and financial situation, is through the online methods, systems and techniques that my mentors, Jonathan Budd, Katie Freiling, Justin Glover, Tim Donovan, Deagan Smith and others have taught me.

And it all gets down to specific methods of communication.

Internet marketing, personal branding, blogging, social media syndication… this is your key to freedom, and it why I developed this blog.

It gives me a platform for teaching people techniques and skills so that they can make money, promote products and ideas, develop MLM downlines… to live THEIR passions while quickly establishing the financial freedom to make their SITUATIONAL DREAMS come true. This is the way to quit your job, change your career, work from home, gain recognition in your field… whatever situation you need to establish to be able to live YOUR own passion.

There are so many ways to monetize absolutely free media outlets online, that really, just about ANYBODY can get out of their rut, reinvent themselves, create a new approach to business and money that will make them wonder how they ever convinced themselves that they couldn’t do it.

To Your Success!

I’m happy to have you here.

I’ve been greatly blessed with wonderful children and an incredible wife. This is the sustenance of my life.

Through a special grace, I have traversed some fantastic spiritual insights and awakenings. This is the journey of my soul.

And as a special grace, I have found that my life receives meaning only to the extent that I share myself with my brothers and sisters.

We are all related. We are all brothers and sisters. I don’t care what your religion, ethnicity, political party or anything else is. I have my own beliefs and faith, but do not expect or require that you share them.

Wherever you are at right now… I’m absolutely, unconditionally committed to YOUR success.

Check out the information I share on my blog.  It IS the place to get started.

You might be interested in learning more about the dynamic coaching club that I run with my wife, Donna.

Or you might like to inquire into the individual, personal mentoring/coaching we offer.

If you’d just like to learn a bit more about me and the things I do, and share with me what you’re up to, feel free to contact me anytime.

I really look forward to working with you on one level or another!

David Merrill+

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