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How Do I Drive Traffic To My Blog

How Do I Drive Traffic To My Blog

“How do I drive traffic to my blog?” you ask. Well, you’re not the first to ask. I talk to people all day long with the same question. It’s no fun to create a blog and then have nobody ever read it, or engage in conversation with you, click your affiliate links or join your list. […]

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Blogger's Dream Number 186

Blogger’s Dream Number 186

It was a sunny afternoon as I sat quietly, putting the finishing touches on my new e-book. I was pleased the way it came out. Lots of good information, tightly packaged and easy to follow. I knew my new prospects would really like it, and find tremendous value. That was good news because when people […]

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Write Blog Posts Your Readers Want

Write Blog Posts Your Readers Want

It seems more than obvious to write blog posts your readers want, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, far too many bloggers write content that serves their own purpose far more than that of their readers. You may want to write “great content” designed primarily to get people to buy your products or services, or to get them […]

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6 Steps To Affiliate Blogging

I always give these “6 Steps To Affiliate Blogging” when a client wants to start Affiliate Blogging. And many do, because Affiliate Blogging may just be the fastest way to make money blogging. It’s certainly one of the best. As an Affiliate Blogger, you’ll be selling someone else’s product or idea, so you don’t have […]

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Getting Quality Backlinks To Your Blog

Getting Quality Backlinks To Your Blog

Some people think that the task of getting quality backlinks to your blog is no longer very important. In fact, I’m a pretty big critic of paying too much attention to SEO, especially the “off page” tactics. A fairly recent article on this blog site actually demonstrates how off page SEO has become pretty irrelevant to […]

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How Bloggers Make Big Bucks

How Do Bloggers Make Big Bucks?

How Do Bloggers Make Big Bucks? I guess the first thing I should point out is this. Most bloggers don’t make big bucks. But those who do, usually make their big bucks from creating digital products. Here’s why. Product Creators are Product Sellers When you create a digital product, you can promote it on your […]

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Keep It Short Stupid

Keep It Short Stupid

“Keep It Short Stupid,” or K.I.S.S. should be thought of as the essential framework for “Keep It Simple Stupid,” also, K.I.S.S. With that in mind, I’m going to keep this post pretty short, and of course, stupidly simple. Now, you probably have heard that you need to make your blogging content simple and straightforward to […]

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Should I Have An Autoresponder On My Blog?

A student in our coaching club asked me recently, “should I have an autoresponder on my blog?” It seemed like the real question was “should I host an autoresponder on my blog?” Now, I’m not a very technical person so the thought of self hosting my own autoresponder sends chills up my spine. Why would […]

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Blogging to make money

Blogging To Make Money

Blogging to make money may be a lot easier than you think. There are many ways to make money with your blog. You can earn commissions from affiliate sales, Google Ads, CPV (cost per view) or CPC (cost per click) ads. You can rent ad space on your blog. You can build a list of prospects […]

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Building An Online Business

Building An Online Business

I assume your blog is your business. You put a lot of effort into creating your blog content, and then sharing it across the internet. You need to gain some reward for this effort, of course… and that’s when it becomes your online business. So, what business blueprint do you work from, as the architect of […]

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3 Ways Bloggers Make Money Online

3 Ways Bloggers Make Money Online

There are 3 ways bloggers make money online. While there are other methods that bloggers use, personal branding, affiliate marketing and network marketing are the main ones.  The fact is that the majority of bloggers do not have a great deal of success in monetizing their blogs.  But it’s also fair to say that there are many […]

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Rank Page One On Google?

Do You Want To Rank Page One On Google?

Most bloggers want to rank page one on Google.  Don’t you? Ads, promotions and launches for these products and trainings are usually designed to get you asking yourself that one main question. Once you’ve asked it, you are a great prospective buyer, because you are focused purely on “how” to get it done. You don’t just […]

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Shiny Objects For Online Entrepreneurs

Do Shiny Objects Drive Online Entrepreneurs Crazy?

Shiny objects can certainly drive online entrepreneurs crazy.   In fact, chasing shiny objects around is often thought of as some sort of sickness.  That’s why observers often call it “shiny object syndrome”. Syndrome?  Why syndrome? Probably because a syndrome consists of a group of symptoms that associated with a single disease. So if chasing […]

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Best Blogging Business Model

Best Blogging Business Model

Bloggers are often consumed with the tasks of delivering great content, and building relationships with their audience in comment threads and on various social sites.  That’s important, of course, but not when the overall purpose of you blog is not clearly defined.  While there can be many purposes for your blog, let me share what […]

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