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Sounds Green Morphability

To make sure the search engines get this right, I will repeat that  “Sounds Green Morphability” is the keyword phrase that I’m targeting in this post.   Now, I think I can teach you how to rank page one (or nearly so) with keyword phrases that mean absolutely nothing.   If I repeat “sounds green […]

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Membership Site Communities

Membership Site Communities

Membership site communities provide the perfect platform for building a loyal following. If you blog within a niche, and you see that people are starting to turn to you for answers to their problems, you may be ready to start your own membership site. Just think of the benefits if you had a website you could […]

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How To Get A Job

How To Get A Job

When it’s time to pay the rent and the kids need new shoes, you just might run to Google to search out “how to get a job.” It makes sense, doesn’t it? You need money and income.  A business, company or government agency can give you the money you need, in return for your time and effort […]

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Mentoring For Online Success

Mentoring For Online Success

You are starting to get along with your online business. You’ve picked up some tidy skill sets, made some key connections and even begun pulling in a few affiliate commissions or service gigs. But now, you feel a bit deflated. You learned the essentials, earned a small profit and maybe added a prospect or two to your business.  […]

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Techmare on Elm Street

Techmare on Elm Street

“Techmares” hijack my dreams, disguised as terrifying little gremlins I instantly recognize as “can’t”… It’s really true… there are those things… I simply cannot do.  So I try all day, hunched over my melting laptop, with the taunting echoes of children playing carelessly drifting in through my makeshift office window facing Elm Street … code this, embed […]

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Email Marketing For Bloggers

Get The Best Email Marketing Results

Email Marketing gets tougher every day.  Like most internet marketers, I work hard to get the best email marketing results. It’s not easy, though.   I mean, it’s not easy to get people to open your auto-responder emails, and that’s only the beginning.   Then you have to give them interesting, relevant and valuable content.  […]

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email subject headers

Email Subject Lines

I recently wrote an article about email strategies for bloggers.  I’ve had a fair number of people contact me with questions about the email subject lines, which I had kind of glossed over. So, I thought I’d put together a quick review of the whole business of writing subject lines that are effective at getting […]

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Email Open Rates

Improve Email Open Rates

Internet marketers, bloggers and network marketers alike are on a steady hunt to improve email open rates. Most online businesses rely on engagement with their readers, followers, customers, prospects.  Getting these people to opt in to their email lists is a great way to create that engagement and pave the way for serious relationship building. […]

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