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Combining Your Online Marketing with Your Personal Branding

The most powerful use of online marketing is attraction marketing: developing your own personal brand and delivering it. Personal branding is primarily about finding your unique voice and syndicating it through various internet strategies such as promotion of a personal blog, social media and tribal syndication. These strategies become a distillation of what we know […]

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From The Ground Up: The Foundation of Your Online Marketing Business – Part ONE

GET A QUICK CHECK-UP TO DETERMINE THE HEALTH OF YOUR ONLINE MARKETING, BLOG AND SYNDICATION EFFORTS. Could your business suffer from malnutrition? In the developed world, it is common for people to be overfed and undernourished. Are you “feeding” into your business a whole lot of calories with very low nutritional value? Are you giving […]

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The Purpose Is To Lose Your Mind

It’s not such a terrible thing to lose your mind.  In fact, that’s really the point to it all… this daily thing we call living.  Think of it.  If everything YOU work hard for and strive to succeed was so important, how is it that other people do perfectly well without any of it.  Think […]

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Wild Entrepreneurs Don’t Get The Blues

We are all busy entrepreneurs. Yet we all come from different places, have different dreams and have varying degrees of health, or lack of it. I know several among our number that suffer from both diagnosed and sub-clinical levels of depression . That is, while they may or may not be actually diagnosed as depressed […]

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