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Selling Affiliate Products

One of the biggest reasons people come to me for private coaching is to learn the art of selling affiliate products. The most common mistake I usually discover is that marketers grab affiliate links from somewhere, and immediately start inserting those links everywhere they can think of.  They’ll put them in their Facebook status, all […]

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Find Affiliate Products on ClickBank

I’ve been teaching a team of students the art of building a back-end sequence of affiliate products to monetize their email lists. One of the best places to begin the process is to locate and promote affiliate products found on ClickBank. ClickBank is particularly advantageous to the affiliate marketer because it ranks products corresponding to […]

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is not a new concept in internet and network marketing. Yet it may be the trickiest part of the online list building process. Most people know that it’s crucial to their business to maintain an email list. It’s been repeated a million times (at last count) that “the money is in the List”. […]

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Info Product Creation

Leaders in every conceivable field of expertise are able to step to the head of the class once they have mastered the psychology and methodology that lies behind “info product creation”. The psychology involves understanding what information prospective buyers of your product want, and how you can best deliver it to them. The methodology involves […]

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