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Make A Fan Page | Your New FB Profile

If you’re looking to create or build an existing online business, make a “Fan Page” on facebook. It’s easy to do, and you can create multiple pages to coordinate with different aspects of your business. People often think it’s a long and expensive undertaking to develop an online business or to actually start earning commissions […]

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Create a Skype Community

To build, maintain, educate and inform your subscribers and business partners, I strongly urge you to create a Skype Community. This is the first of a 3-part series I’ll be doing to familiarize you just a bit with what Skype can do for your personal branding and leadership. I’m also working on some business builder […]

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Targeted Listbuilding – Part 3

The Essence of Targeted Listbuilding Using the “targeted listbuilding” techniques I’ve given you you in this short listbuilding series will certainly put you on the path to building a list of loyal subscribers. If you’ve done your keyword research diligently, you know what language will attract your prospective clients and customers. If you’ve given them […]

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Targeted Listbuilding – Part 2

Continuing my discussion about “targeted listbuilding” techniques, let’s talk about the “Call To Action”.   After all, building an email list of subscribers to your online “newsletter”, or “tips” or whatever else you might call it, requires that people complete the action steps you give them in order to “subscribe” to that list. Anchor Text: […]

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Targeted Listbuilding Part 1

Building a list of followers is what any online business thrives on. But you don’t want just anyone and everyone to join your list.  You want to engage in proven “targeted listbuilding” techniques to attract only those people who find your products and services relevant to their specific needs. In this 3-part series, I will […]

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