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Community Prayer: We Are All Related

I’m working with people all the time that are in various stages of creating success in online marketing and content syndication.  It’s a fast paced, very demanding enterprise that requires incredible concentration and focused action.  So much so, that I sometimes feel we become oblivious to the “real” world around us. That can be a […]

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Social Media Secrets: The Key To Internet Marketing Success? (Part I)

Creating a path to online marketing success requires taking up precise Social Media positions, and executing proven strategies to drive traffic, prospects, and down-lines from Social Media sites to your blog and into your sales funnel. I always advise my clients to begin their online success journeys by developing a meaningful Social Media presence.  Most […]

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How To Do “Personal Branding via You Tube and Ezine Articles”

Personal branding is most commonly associated with your personal blog.  But I teach my clients to consider a parallel approach to personal branding by developing You Tube and other video channels in coordination with an ezine article writing campaign.  You might want to consider adding this strategy to your blogging and personal branding efforts. Coordinate […]

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The Entrepreneurial Mindset

When I think about an entrepreneurial mindset, I envision strength, daring, risk-taking and a relentless fervor to succeed in the mission.  In the world of internet marketing, I think this translates into steadfastly developing fascinating personal blog content and incredible You Tube videos, linking them out into social media like Facebook and Twitter where they […]

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Combining Your Online Marketing with Your Personal Branding

The most powerful use of online marketing is attraction marketing: developing your own personal brand and delivering it. Personal branding is primarily about finding your unique voice and syndicating it through various internet strategies such as promotion of a personal blog, social media and tribal syndication. These strategies become a distillation of what we know […]

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From The Ground Up: The Foundation of Your Online Marketing Business – Part ONE

GET A QUICK CHECK-UP TO DETERMINE THE HEALTH OF YOUR ONLINE MARKETING, BLOG AND SYNDICATION EFFORTS. Could your business suffer from malnutrition? In the developed world, it is common for people to be overfed and undernourished. Are you “feeding” into your business a whole lot of calories with very low nutritional value? Are you giving […]

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