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The Purpose Is To Lose Your Mind

It’s not such a terrible thing to lose your mind.  In fact, that’s really the point to it all… this daily thing we call living.  Think of it.  If everything YOU work hard for and strive to succeed was so important, how is it that other people do perfectly well without any of it.  Think of the old woman alone in a studio apartment on Chicago’s South Side.  She could be perfectly happy and fulfilled without a great many things that you might consider essential.  How about a monk on top of a mountain in Peru?  He might have been born in a tiny village of a few hundred people.  Now he’s 86 years old and has never ventured beyond the village limits.

Are these people missing something?  How can they be happy without so many of the things… perhaps ALL of the things… that you consider so important?

The answer of course, is that none of the THINGS that you can measure and touch, none of the things that you are able to understand and rationalize… NONE OF THEM are actually essential.  That is, none of them constitute the essence of your being.

The true essence of your being lies beyond your capacity to measure, sell or even understand.  In fact, it lies beyond your normal calculating and rational comprehension.  So to begin living in your true essence… to be in touch with your highest purpose… your Truth… REQUIRES that you embark on a journey to simply lose your mind.  Leave it behind and venture forth without its paradigms, parameters and limitations.  Only outside of your mind can you begin to probe your inner truth, beauty and purpose.  Truth, after all, is not irrational… but it is non-rational.

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  1. Nick Logan February 3, 2010 at 12:52 am #

    I’m definitely losing my mind right now…LOL…

    I get what you are saying. It’s about gratitude, and enjoying the moment. Sometimes we strive so much for something in the future when what we are looking for is right in front of our face…
    .-= Nick Logan´s last blog ..By: David Merrill =-.

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